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Introducing Stata 5 This feature will prevent you from losing changes to a data file you may wish to save. If this happens, you can either save the previous data file [more on this below], or enter clear in the Command window. The clear command will clear what is in Stata’s memory. If …

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Do you ever fit regressions of the form . ln(y j) = b 0 + b 1 x 1j + b 2 x 2j + … + b k x kj + ε jby typing . generate lny = ln(y). regress lny x1 x2 … xk. The above is just an ordinary linear regression except that ln(y) appears on the left-hand side in place of y.Read more…

Create a new variable based on existing data in Stata


Create a new variable based on existing data in Stata. Following are examples of how to create new variables in Stata using the gen (short for generate) and egen commands:. To create a new variable (for example, newvar) and set its value to 0, use: gen newvar = 0

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LOG Function :: SAS/IML(R) 13.1 User's Guide


The LOG function is the scalar function that takes the natural logarithm of each element of the argument matrix. An example of a valid statement follows:

Econometrics and the Log-Log Model – dummies


All log transformations generate similar results, but the convention in applied econometric work is to use the natural log. The practical advantage of the natural log is that the interpretation of the regression coefficients is straightforward. Consider the demand function

Functions and expressions – Stata


13 Functions and expressions Contents 13.1Overview 13.2Operators 13.2.1Arithmetic operators … if you supplied the log() function with an argument of zero, the log(0) would return a missing value because zero is outside the natural logarithm function’s domain. If you supplied the log() function with a string argument, Stata would issue a …

Re: st: Log Transformation of Variable – Stata


Feb 28, 2011 · If just the simple transformation is what you want, then your problem is that you have a function of different functions of the variable, with three transformations of the variable to be done separately in steps, rather than one single transformation that is already built into stata.

Transformation of variable to log in panel data – Statalist


Aug 10, 2018 · Yes, it works the same way in panel data. The log is the log. Of course, if your variable takes on zero or negative values then you can't do this (whether panel data or not). And whenever I see someone starting to log transform data, I always wonder why they are doing it.

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Using Log Files in Stata – YouTube


Oct 23, 2012 · How to use log files in Stata. Java Project Tutorial – Make Login and Register Form Step by Step Using NetBeans And MySQL Database – Duration: 3:43:32. 1BestCsharp blog 5,884,087 viewsAuthor: Joseph Cohen

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