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how to create a logfile in php? - Stack Overflow

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how to create a logfile in php? – Stack Overflow


I want to create a logfile for my system to register/log every action they do inside the system. But I have no idea how to do it. For example, I have this php code that does the login function. p…

PHP Logging Basics – The Ultimate Guide To Logging


Ultimate Guide to Logging Your open-source resource for understanding, analyzing, and troubleshooting system logs

PHP: error_log – Manual


0 message is sent to PHP's system logger, using the Operating System's system logging mechanism or a file, depending on what the error_log configuration directive is set to. This is the default option …

PHP: log – Manual


Seems like unit prefixes should have a standard PHP function. Maybe in the future. I found this page while looking for a quick unit prefix function. The one by olafurw was voted down, I think because it had unchecked array indexes and /0s. So here it is fixed and readable.-Should work down to PHP 4.

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PHP: syslog – Manual


syslog() generates a log message that will be distributed by the system logger. For information on setting up a user defined log handler, see the syslog.conf (5) Unix manual page. More information on the syslog facilities and option can be found in the man pages for syslog (3) on Unix machines.

MySQL LOG() function – w3resource


LOG() function. MySQL LOG() returns the natural logarithm of a number that is the base e logarithm of the number. The return value will be NULL when the value of the number is less than or equal to 0. The EXP() is the inverse of this LOG().

PHP log() Function – W3Schools


Definition and Usage. The log() function returns the natural logarithm of a number, or the logarithm of number to base.

PHP log10() Function – W3Schools


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PHP Error Functions – w3schools.com


Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML.

PHP 7 error_log() Function – w3schools.com


0 – Default. Message is sent to PHP's system logger, using the OS' system logging mechanism or a file, depending on what the error_log configuration is set to in php.ini; 1 – Message is sent by email to the address in the destination parameter ; 2 – No longer in use (only available in PHP 3) 3 – Message is appended to the file specified in …

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