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Decreasing log file sync waits – Burleson Oracle Consulting


If I/O is slow (timings in AWR or STATSPACK reports > 15 ms), then the only solution for log file sync waits is to improve I/O bandwidth. – LGWR is not getting enough CPU: If the vmstat runqueue column is greater than cpu_count, then the instance is CPU-bound …

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AWR Report: Next, collect at least two AWR Reports one for good time and another at time of high log file sync wait event. 30 minutes is the good time interval for AWR report, report has longer time interval doesn't help much to figure out root cause of the issue.

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Mar 16, 2004 · We have a third party software which does a commit after each insert or delete [no bulk operation, as it is one of those application thats been written to run on any database ! ]. As a result during the peak activity period, the main wait event is log file sync. The following awr report shows that [ 30 minutes report for a 2 cpu 2 node rac …

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1 ) As per my understanding, Log-File-Sync wait is the duration, after which I receive an acknowledgement that my commit is successful. In my database the only prominent issue I see is huge log-file-sync waits. 2 ) There are 32 cpu and each one is 8 core.

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Jan 10, 2016 · By Franck Pachot. When presenting ‘Interpreting AWR Reports – Straight to the Goal’ at UKOUG TECH15 I had a very good question about the Statspack report I read which had log file sync much smaller than user commits.

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Mar 05, 2017 · Below is an example of an AWR report showing an application where the “log file sync” is the dominant wait event: High “log file sync” can be observed in case of slow disk writes (LGWR takes long time to write), or because the application commit rate is very high.

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The Oracle “log file sync” wait event is triggered when a user session issues a commit (or a rollback). The user session will signal or post the LGWR to write the log buffer to the redo log file. When the LGWR has finished writing, it will post the user session.

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Oracle Log File Sync Waits Caused by High Commit Frequency


High commit frequency is the number one cause for foreground log file sync waits. Find out if the session that spends a lot of time on the log file sync event belongs to a batch or OLTP process or if it is a middle-tier (Tuxedo, Weblogic, etc.) persistent connection.

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Jul 07, 2008 · I looked at AWR and ASH reports. I saw log file sync in one top top 5 wait event in AWR and it is listed as Blocking session in ASH report. THe blocking session with log file sync by LGWR was there the same time period of problem. … a couple of pretty good ones: Manly-Men Only Use Solid State Disk for Redo Logging – Kevin Closson Tuning Log …

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Aug 28, 2017 · Log File Sync An Oracle user session issuing a commit command must wait until the LGWR (Log Writer) process writes the log entries associated with the user transaction to the log file on the disk. Oracle must commit the transaction’s entries to disk (because it is a persistent layer) before acknowledging the transaction commit.Author: XML And More

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