Log File In Unix Shell Script

Is there an easy way to log all activity that a shell ...

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Is there an easy way to log all activity that a shell …


if you normally run your script with foo.sh, try running it (assuming it's a bash script) with bash -x foo.sh. If you want everything redirected to file, try bash -x foo.sh > file.log 2>&1 (note I'm redirecting stderr as well, remove the 2>&1 if you don't want this). If you also want to see what's going on, bash …

How to capture shell scripts ouput to a log file . (GNU …


How to capture shell scripts ouput to a log file . If you're referring to Java logging, however, there's another possibility. The major Java loggers (apache commons, log4j and java.util.log) have the ability to be configured to log to more than one destination, and even to log selectively to a destination.

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Jun 04, 2013 · I have a scheduled unix script that I want to log the output of. I am unable to edit the cron file due to the user interface restrictions, and I am unable to add >> logfile to the command. Is there something I can add within the script itself to send the output to a log?

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In Unix shell, I have a env file (env file defines the parameters required for running the user script like log file name and path, redirect outputs and errors to log file, database connection details, etc) which redirects all the outputs (echo messages) and errors to the log …

Linux Shell Script to Archive log files – TekkieHead


Apr 01, 2019 · Archive your log files or any output files through Linux/Unix shell script which is very simple and efficient way of handling log files. The automated archive care script will take of our cleanup in archive directory too.Author: Mayur Jadhav

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Log file in shell script hi all, can you please let me know how to write a input and output in the log file for the below script. any help highly appreciated. Code :

Help with a shell script for creating a log file


I have a schell script that runs continously on an AIX system. It is actually started from another shell script with the "ksh -x" command and then I just write the output to a log file. This The UNIX …

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